Check out these rave reviews from people who love both visiting The Red Barn, and enjoying our delicious Country Spoon products from out of state!

Awesome small town ice cream store right off the freeway. Amazing ice cream and even more amazing shakes. The shakes are very smooth and creamy with chunks of your favorite flavor. The service was extremely friendly and very fast . . . We will plan on stopping the next time we pass by.

Why oh why oh why oh why??? Why have I never stopped here before??

Up and down I-15 so many times, and I should have paid attention to the signs. Fresh apples? That alone would draw me off of the interstate to check out the market inside the barn packed full of fresh produce. Little did I know that it’s also an ice cream parlor, cider house, and … wait for it… a pie place!

Yes, this magical barn is now on my must stop list. Its location along the very tail end of civilization in the Utah County area means I won’t be able to stop by often, but as often as I can, I’ll be popping in for more treats.

Awesome small town ice cream store right off the freeway. Amazing ice cream and even more amazing shakes. The shakes are very smooth and creamy with chunks of your favorite flavor. The service was extremely friendly and very fast . . . We will plan on stopping the next time we pass by.

We stop here every time we visit my in-laws. It’s awesome! They have fresh fruit, pies, home decor and my all time favorite: fruit salsa! Red Barn rocks!

5 Reasons for stopping:

Incredible apple cider
Expansive Ice Cream counter
Farm fresh produce (think apples)
Local made products (jams/jellies/syrups along with take and bake pies)
Onsite bakery (cookies, turnovers and at least 10 varieties of fudge)

This really is one of those places that I have driven past thinking “that looks like a fun place to go” and actually turned the car around to stop in. The apple cider is amazingly good. Durning season, they sell cider doughnuts that are so worth the calories! The barn has a very large cold storage area for produce that you may purchase and not disappointing in the least. The ice cream counter is a hit with the back seat riders of the minivan and the people that run the store are quite helpful and friendly.

Don’t question if you should stop… just do it!

I can’t tell you how many times I have driven south on I-15 and noticed the Red Barn sign and thought, “That’d be fun to stop there someday”.

Well, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, SOMEDAY has arrived.

We pulled off the freeway and followed the signs around to the big beautiful Red Barn store. I really had no idea what to expect, but knew the sign advetised ice cream, so that was on my list.

Walking in, you really are in a barn, albeit, cutely decorated and very clean. The big open space is divided up with cute country cupboards, chairs and tables and in the middle, the ice cream and goodies counter.

Signs advertised free classes on canning, pickling, and various other kitchen arts, making me wish I lived nearby.

Drawn to the counter and peering at the many varities of hard ice cream, we learned that it’s all handmade there. And there was a display of goodies: fudge, chocolates and some baked stuff that all looked handmade as well.

Because it’s linked to an apple orchard, we all felt the need to try the cider slushy, but ordered it a la mode, meaning, they also dump in a large scoop of the ice cream of your choice.

The cider itself was delightful. The amazing flavor brought flashfowards to Fall, and I do want to come back for it then, but the icey slushiness made it a perfect summer-time treat. My sister added cinnamon ice cream, her hubby cherry vanilla, and I opted for the carmel cashew. Each one was amazing in it’s own right, but the carmel apple combo made me the winner in my book.

I was giddy to find a case full of take ’em and bake ’em homemade pies. Unfortunately we were headed away from home or I would have nabbed one for the hubby, who is always on a quest for good pie.

The side room full of canning supplies and food storage stuff, all arranged in a cute country farm way, made me smile, and THEN I noticed the cold room full of fresh fruit and the smile became a full blown grin. I definitely will be back. Hey, maybe it’ll even become a tradition for those trips down the state.

If you’re passing through, or looking for a fun day trip, this is definitely a destination to add to the list.

Love the ice cream — big servings. They have some knick-knack stuff as well. And of course, apples. Lots of apple stuff. They had a lot of cherry stuff too (chocolates, etc). They have home made fudge. Go here. If you’re driving by on the freeway, stop.

“Delicious apples & jams. We love stopping here for ice cream. We come here and pick pumpkins every October. It’s a great little spot.”

It’s amazing to see the variety of items you can get at the barn. Everything from fresh fruit and fruit products, to a large quantity of treats (dozens of flavors of home made ice cream, chocolate and yogurt covered fruit, slushees, etc…) – most of which are made by them. They even recently added a soda fountain a nice throwback to the past. Since my last visit they have even redesigned the inside, providing tables and a more open space. I highly recommend stopping by, anytime you are passing the 2nd Santequin exit next to the Red Barn, or even if you are just wanting a fun treat!! The prices are very reasonable also!!

This place is awesome, especially if you have a sweet tooth. They have many flavors of homemade ice cream, at least 17 kinds of homemade fudge, cookies, candies and more. You can have a float with any ice cream and any soda. We had a lime soda with coconut ice cream – wow! What a shock of summer goodness!! Milkshakes are a bit pricy but they ARE made with homemade ice cream – very creamy and tasty. We will return!

My kids are constantly asking to go to the Red Barn for ice cream. There are plenty of other items in the store to purchase. My wife craves the caramel apples once a month, and we even bought some toy horses for the kids for Christmas – they love them. The specialty cheeses in the fridge area are fantastic, as are their specialty syrups throughout the store.