Our tomato canning class, held on August 14th, was our most informative class yet! There was a full demonstration and question/answer period, so everyone left with the confidence to can correctly. I learned that since Utah’s elevation is higher than average, it actually takes longer to can than I previously thought since the boiling water temperature here isn’t high enough to kill some bacteria that can grow on your food. I also learned that acidity has largely been bred out of tomatoes, so it’s important to add some form of acid, like lemon juice, to your canned vegetables. I have also been over tightening the lid rings, which means not all of the air has escaped from my jars, leaving room for possible spoilage! Utah State University has many more tips and tricks at their extension website: Http://extension.usu.edu/utah. If you missed this class, but are interested in learning more about correct canning techniques for the state of Utah, make sure to check out our next class, Canning Peaches and Pears, on Saturday, September 11th from 10-12.