Dark Chocolate Cherries


Red tart cherries coated in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

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Dark Chocolate Cherries

Heart healthy dark chocolate combined with the wellness benefits of the red tart cherry superfruit cannot be beat for a rich healthy treat. Every mouth watering morsel of dark chocolate cherries you put into your mouth will give you a double wammy: rich taste and healthy treat at the same time. That’s a winner in anyone’s book.

All dark chocolate is not created equal; try ours and you will agree there is a higher standard to which we hold our dark chocolate covered dried cherries.

Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate may contain ingredients that promote heart health. When you combine dried tart cherries with luscious dark chocolate you are packing into a small package the potential of a tasty power packed heart healthy snack.

Read more about the different studies on the health benefits of the Montmorency red tart cherry by clicking here.

New Ideas for Dark Chocolate Cherries

  • Try adding these to cookies WOW!
  • Great to add to trail mix (beware of melting during a hot hike)


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