Milk Chocolate Cherries


  • Dried red tart cherries covered in creamy milk chocolate.
  • Sweet on the outside, tart on the inside.
  • A great additive to a nut bowl
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Milk Chocolate Cherries

Milk chocolate and cherries together have always been an American favorite. Old timers remember their first cherry chocolate malt, or the first time that they tried cherry chocolate cordials. Now we take the flavor of milk chocolate cherries to a new level by drenching dried red tart cherries in rich milk or dark chocolate which gives a flavor burst unequalled in the milk chocolate cherries match up. We do this chocolate coating right here on our farm. Oh, if only the old timers could savor this great taste combination now.

Our dried tart cherries rich in healthy ingredients mixed with chocolate cannot be beat!
When you add the fresh tart cherry flavor with the decadent richness of smooth milk chocolate you have a “can’t stop snackin snack”. We use a very high grade of milk chocolate as chocolate connoisseurs will attest!


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