Dried Red Tart Cherries

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  • Red tart Montmorency cherries, dried into an easy-to-use, delicious snack.
  • High in Antioxidants including melatonin
  • Cherries grown in Utah
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Dried Red Tart Cherries

Only during the past few years have dried red tart cherries been available to the public. During the 1980’s right here on our farm in Santaquin, Utah the first dried red tart cherries in the western part of the United States were dried and made available to the public. These plump and juicy tart cherries grown in our high rocky mountain valleys make the perfect dried red tart cherry. Red tart cherries are now being touted as the “new superfruit” and it is no wonder that the cherries grown in Utah meet this standard perfectly. Red tart cherries grown in our high mountain valleys are naturally sweeter than other tart cherries grown throughout the United States. This lends itself to producing a kind of dried cherry that is best suited to be dried. On our farm red tart cherries are our largest crop. Our farm also grows some of the highest altitude fruit in the United States at close to 6000 feet in elevation. High altitude grown red tart cherries are higher in natural sweetness also known as brix (a measurement of the sucrose level or sugar in the fruit) and darker in color, thus becoming more rich in natural anthocyanins and bursting with antioxidants. Yes, red tart cherries are the new superfruit and those grown on our farm we like to say are the super of the super fruits. Read more about the different studies on the health benefits of the Montmorency red tart cherry by clicking here.

Great use ideas

  • Trail mixes
  • Add to cereals, oatmeal or cracked wheat

3 reviews for Dried Red Tart Cherries

  1. Mommajo (verified owner)

    I would use these for many things, but alas, I have them eaten before I can do much else with them! HEAVENLY!!

  2. Kim Bragg

    Since February 2016, I have bought atleast 8 one pound packages from Amazon. (I store them in the refrigerator in the original bag plus a ziplock bag to keep fresh.) I will start ordering these direct from the seller. Price is much cheaper.
    I love these cherries and I have never found a pit. They are nice and tart. I use them in a frozen yogurt mixture I make for my dessert/bedtime snack. I take a quart of low fat or no fat plain or vanilla yogurt (I try to buy low sugar) and I add 1 cup of the cherries which I soak in hot water to soften them up. There is a very slight oil residue on the top of the water which does not bother me. I drain the cherries and save the cherry water to drink later. (Note: the cherries do not look pretty after soaking them but it doesn’t matter since they are mixed in) I add about 2/3 of cup of chopped walnuts or pecans and mix well. I have even added cocoa powder for a change. I divide it into 3 – 12oz containers and freeze. Sometimes I use Greek yogurt but I find that when frozen, it’s to “dry” tasting so I add about a cup of milk and freeze. You can add other dried it frozen fruit to the mix as well. Thanks for a great product!!

  3. Jodie G.

    I love the versatility from baking, to garnishing a salad, to having a simple snack that is delicious. Thank you Country Spoon for providing this product.

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