Yogurt Covered Cherries


  • Tangy red tart cherries enveloped in a smooth yogurt coating.
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Yogurt Covered Cherries

There is something about the mixture of the flavor of yogurt and that of dried red tart cherries that is so irresistibly good that a person can hardly stop snacking on them. First comes the flavor of the yogurt, then a hint of cherry and all at once the combination of the two in a bursting flavor crash that will surely become a favorite snack for anyone who tries them. We coat our yogurt covered cherries with a special yogurt right here on our farm in special round rotating pans. We take special care to leave just a hint of cherry showing through the rich white of the yogurt to remind us that inside this white treat there is a burst of flavor waiting to be enjoyed. Read more about the different studies on the health benefits of the Montmorency red tart cherry by clicking here.

Other Usage Ideas

  • These haven’t ever lasted long enough on their own to be tried in other uses.


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