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Country Spoon Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is made from our own Utah Cherries. Our cherries are grown at higher altitudes than in other locations throughout the United States. Perhaps it’s the higher altitude, the longer daylight hours, or the dryer air with less humidity, whatever the difference, Utah grown tart cherries are higher in soluble solids (brix). The higher brix make Utah tart cherries naturally sweeter. The tart cherry juice concentrate made from our Utah cherries is also made from tart cherries higher in brix. The brix level of our concentrate is 68 which makes our concentrate thick like molasses.

It is well noted now that one ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate contains between 60-70 tart cherries. A 34 oz. bottle of concentrate will last a person for about a month taking two tablespoons each day. It is suggested that tart cherry juice can be taken plain, with water, other fruit juices, mixed in smoothies or with a favorite soft drink, or even poured on waffles as a natural syrup.

The health benefits of tart cherry juice concentrate suggest that it may have a beneficial effect in reducing joint pain. Tart cherry juice concentrate contains many natural anti-inflammatory agents as well as many antioxidants. Tart cherries, and tart cherry juice concentrate are rich in melatonin which may help regulate sleep patterns and is a well known antioxidant. Tart cherries, like all fruits contribute to a well balanced diet of eating the recommended daily dietary intake of 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Click on this link to read more on the health benefits of tart cherries

How to Use

The recommended dosage is to consume 1 fl oz. (approx. two tablespoons) night and morning. Country Spoon Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate also mixes well with other juices and drinks. To dilute into single strength juice, mix 2 tablespoons of concentrate to 5 ounces of water. Other uses range from flavoring tea to an all natural topping for ice cream.

Cherry Juice Concentrate Disclaimer

Our cherry juice concentrate is a food not a drug. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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18 reviews for Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

  1. Linda Hoyt (verified owner)

    My husband is very active and I am active; we are older and had slight creaks and pains, but after taking this for 6 months (2 TBS with 5 oz water) once a day, we have no joint pain or creaks. So thankful I found your company on-line. I was actually researching what would help alleviate gout after a co-worker had an attack and decided to try it for ourselves. Thank you!

  2. Smithk726

    I really like and appreciate your blog post.Thanks Again.

  3. Susan T (verified owner)

    I haven’t used the juice long enough to know if it helps with insomnia but the taste is good.

  4. Smithd928

    You are a really persuasive writer. I can see this in your writeup. You’ve a way of writing compelling info that sparks significantly interest.

  5. VLM (verified owner)

    Wow! When they say concentrated it’s true! This ends up being much cheaper than buying water down tart cherry juice. My husband is using it for arthritis pain. Too soon to tell if it works for that.

  6. Carol (verified owner)

    Aid for insomnia – I saw this posted in a discussion on insomnia and thought it was worth a try. It took a week to kick in but I now take 2 tsp every night, about an hour before bed, and have no more trouble getting to sleep. And the taste is absolutely delicious – like biting into a deep dish cherry pie.

  7. L. Altmyer (verified owner)

    Love this mixed with water!

  8. Butch A (verified owner)

    WHOA!! I’m not a hypo but this stuff alleviates loinjt pain. After only a few days, my wife has found relief. Ordered more. THANX !!

  9. Madness (verified owner)

    Very good! Very tart. Great when added to sparkling water.

  10. VGer (verified owner)

    My son has gout and he’s been told that if he drinks the tart cherry juice, it will help. He’s been drinking a small glass of this every day for a month or so. He hasn’t had a gout attack, but it’s likely too early to tell.

    However, the juice tastes great. And it doesn’t any added sugar.

  11. Country Spoon Customer (verified owner)

    I bought this to see if it would alleviate my knee pain. I’m highly sensitive if not allergic to most Rx meds so needed to find a natural remedy. I didn’t have any change in my level of pain until the 3rd week of following the instructions on the label, then there was a huge reduction in my knee and hip pain. I literally have no knee pain unless I overdo the daily walks I do now. I’m on my second bottle and have recommended this brand to everyone I know that suffers from joint pain. A wonderful product, very thick out of the bottle mixes well with water, smoothies and tea. Not too tart but not sweet either.

  12. Anthony P. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Country Spoon Montmorency Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate 34 oz.

    I recently had a bad gout attack and picked up a bottle in hopes that I would recover more quickly. I took it twice a day, mixed with water, as directed on the label. The inflammation in my foot went down quickly and the pain went away as well. Love the product.

  13. JRS (verified owner)

    Thick and syrupy… excellent quality.

  14. Robin Flores (verified owner)

    This juice is fabulous. It works well with joints that are affected by wet and damp weather. I have tried other brands, but their concentrate was not as thick as Red Barn’s juice. I can’t wait to introduce it to my brother who suffers from gout. He is using another brand that has helped him, but once he starts using this he will feel even 200% better and faster.

  15. Janet T. (verified owner)

    I first used this juice a couple of months ago with excellent results. I had been experiencing arthritic pain in my shoulders, elbows and neck. I noticed shortly after using this cherry juice that I was pain free and had better, painless range of motion. When I finished the bottle I purchased another brand as this item was no longer at Amazon. Almost immediately my symptoms reappeared. I searched the internet and found the item available from this seller and ordered 3 bottles. I received the items quickly and in good condition. Last evening I took my first dose and the relief was almost immediately. I caution customers to careful when purchasing other brands as most of them do not contain 100% Montmorency cherry juice and are not as effective in relieving joint and muscle pain. Country Spoon contains only Montmorency cherry juice and is highly concentrated and I find I only need to take 2 tablespoons a day.

  16. RoxaP (verified owner)

    Great product! I decided to purchase this juice for my sister after some thorough research. My sister is indeed happy and can’t live without it. She has suffer from gout for the past few years and this is truly the only product that has helped her tremendously. Fortunately, she is now able to do her daily exercises which makes her quite happy. Thank you so much for creating a great product and adding value to your customers.

  17. lsho… (verified owner)

    I am 77 yrs young and I will never be without the tart red cherry juice. I have been on this for a couple of years. Sure beats taking medication. I take two tablespoons every morning.

    • RedBarn (verified owner)

      Thank you for the comment. We are glad you have enjoyed our product over the years and are grateful for your patronage.

  18. Chuck M. (verified owner)

    My son-in-law has a lot of trouble with gout. He was taking Tylenol Arthritis and prescription pain medicine on a regular basis to manage the pain. I did some research, found out about the success they were having with tart red cherry juice, and decided to buy him a few bottles to try. He has been taking two tablespoons of the concentrated juice each day for the last three months and said as long as he takes the juice he hasn’t had a problem and hasn’t needed to take any medication. I am back to buy more and noticed there weren’t any reviews and though I would leave a note to tell about his success with the juice.

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