Apple Juice (pick up only)


Fresh-pressed every week, our apple juice is guaranteed fresh and not-from-concentrate.

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When we say fresh pressed, we also add that our apple juice comes from several different knds of apple varieties. We use high quality sort out apples and many kinds of tree run apples to make our award winning apple juice. Our apple juice is “flash” pasteurized a process that heats the juice to just the right temperature and held at that temperature for only a few seconds. Our apple juice tastes just like you had a big bite of a fresh apple. After our apples are pressed in our cider mill we gently let our apple juice settle in the holding tank and do not use any abrasive filter aid material. When you see a little of the good stuff (pulp) in the jug of juice you know that we have been careful to let just the right amount of pulp stay in the juice to give it that authentic “off the tree” flavor that is definetely hard to find.


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