Cherry Salsa

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  • Mild Fruit Salsa
  • Contains only cherries
  • No tomatoes
  • 12 fl oz. bottle

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Cherry Salsa

Our cherry salsa does not have tomatoes in it. It is a unique fruit salsa that compliments meats, crackers, and chips. Combining the flavors of traditional salsa with tart cherries provides a delightful and unique flavor.

6 reviews for Cherry Salsa

  1. MBNAbuyer

    I have been very vocal as to my love for raspberry salsa and that nothing could ever change my mind. Guess I gotta eat my old salsa and compliments (and my cherry salsa). This is the best salsa EVER!!!!!! I never thought cherry salsa could be so good I literally ate all but a 1/4th of the jar in one sitting.. I just ordered some more actually 2 more and this time I have been told I have to share (that is the reason for 2 jars one for me and one for the rest of the family). It is all natural ingredients and has subtle hints of heat, tartness of the cherries, and not to sugary. . If you like cherries and salsa you are going to love this.

  2. Gail

    I was given a jar of this salsa by a co worker and I love it!!!!! I don’t like a lot of spice or heat and this is a perfect blend. The cherries make an amazing twist. The only negative is I live in California so I will have to order it online

  3. LauraB

    We served this for the first time with the slow cooker pork burritos recipe from the ALDI based freezer meals plan. It was delicious together. The tangy and a little bit sweet flavor of the salsa went great with the savory meat.
    This is not a spicy salsa at all- I’m pretty wussy on hot stuff and I thought that a higher level of spice would actually improve this, but of course that’s a matter of preference. I think because of this it would not be as ideal for just chips and salsa, but great for a dip like cream cheese mixed with it, or as part of an entree dish.
    Overall I definitely like this product based on the flavor and the simple but effective packaging. It is kind of expensive for a salsa, thinking about how much basic salsa I could make for the price, but cherries are generally expensive too here in AR as they aren’t grown locally. That is probably the only reason I would not buy it regularly, but I would like to have it on hand for variety.

  4. DATgirl119

    Very tasty cherry salsa. Made from tart cherries grown in the USA. It is a sweet and spicy treat. I wasn’t as crazy about it with tortilla chips but I loved it with cream cheese and crackers. I used the recipe that I use for Jalapeno Pepper Jelly dip. Use a 8 ounce package of cream cheese at room temp, warm the cherry salsa, pour over cream cheese, serve with crackers. I love the sour cream flavored Ritz Toasted Chips, delicious!! Plus tart cherry is good for you, especially if you have gout issues. I love it. Great price. Would buy again.

  5. M. Axe

    This salsa was delicious. I am from Arizona and I have tried a lot of salsa in my life. This cherry salsa was very unique. Because the cherries were tart it was not as sweet as other fruit based salsas, like mango salsa. Mind you it was not super tart, just slightly. This caused my taste buds to do a double take. I was not sold on the salsa at first, but after two or three chip fulls later I was in heaven. Even my kids enjoyed it and they are not big on cherries. While cherry was the main ingredient you could taste you still got an assortment of flavor. As with any good salsa the cilantro was easily to detect, which is nice. It helped bring out the full flavor of the salsa. The jalapeno added a nice kick to the flavor, however it was not overpowering. So if you are looking for heat this is not for you. If you are looking for a salsa with a full bodied taste this is for you. The jar is 12 oz so it is roughly the size of your average jam / jelly jar, so the salsa will last you a decent amount of time. For the price you pay and the deliciousness you get it is well worth it.

  6. Cindy R

    I just got this is today. It was packaged well and arrived and the 3rd day I ordered it but I ordered it on a Sunday so arriving Tuesday is very fast. I have to admit that the jar is 1/3 gone and no on else has tried it yet – only me. Well, my boyfriend did get a bite and said “man, that salsa is good” I didn’t have tortillas here so when I first tried it, I ate it just directly on pretzel twists. Then for my late night snack, I layered pretzel twists, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and cherry salsa. yummy- that is when I put a dent in this jar. I would consider this very mild. I have a high tolerance for heat so someone else might think it has some heat – I don’t. I would have liked some more heat, but that doesn’t take away from how great I think this is. The listing says it is the mild version so I am going to look to see if they have a hotter version. The taste of cherry is definitely there. I recently reviewed some mango salsa and I tasted very little, if any, mango I could tell blind folded that this is a cherry salsa, even with never having cherry salsa before. As red as this shows in my picture – it is all cherry, no tomato. And I am thrilled with the fact this is made with home grown tart cherries.
    The listing states it would be good to cook with meats and I can see why they would say that. I have not tried it in recipes yet and don’t know if I will have enough to use but I would love to slow cook some chicken or pork with this salsa. Just be a shame to waste to much on one recipe. It would also be good with cream cheese and served with crackers I would throw some jalapenos on mine but with or without, it would be great. Might try that tomorrow
    I did receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest review and I honestly think this is the cherry bomb! That mango salsa I mentioned…it is still in the fridge. This one will not last but a few days. Great salsa!

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