Cherry Jam

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Cherry jam made from Montmorency Cherries grown on our farm.

Only pure cane sugar added as a sweetener.

A Red Barn best selling favorite jam. 


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Cherry Jam

The Red Cherry Jam at Rowley’s Red Barn is the signature jam that started our business. When we started out many years ago we had a special recipe for cherry jam that was a favorite family recipe. We made our red cherry jam for special occasions, and for holiday gifts and neighbor Christmas presents. It became popular and we began to commercially make this jam along with many other flavors. Over the years we have maintained the same quality through carefully measured small batches. We only add pure sugar as a sweetener. That’s right no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. We heat to a required temperature and adding just the right amount of specially selected ingredients. Tart cherry jam is not sold in most grocery stores and so it is a special treat that can be found at Rowley’s Red Barn. If you try it, it surely will become one of your favorites. You will come back for it over and over again.

New ideas for using our Cherry Jam

  • Use our cherry jam to make a glaze for baked chicken
  • Thin and use as an ice cream topper

10 reviews for Cherry Jam

  1. Brenda Freeman

    I have tried many cherry jams over the years, being diagnosed with arthritis 30 yrs ago. This is the best I have ever eaten. I hope it is always available. I eat it every day on butter crackers and it is a sacred ritual for me now.

  2. SGW

    My family loves this jam!!! I’ve never seen a jar of jam disappear so fast…

  3. Sparkie

    I have fallen in love with this jam. It does have whole pieces of cherries and juice. I can truly say this is the best I have ever tasted. I ordered 2 more jars right away. I wish there other flavors were in stock so I could try those to. You will not be disappointed. The cherry jam.. Recommend highly.

  4. Vernon N.

    Holy cow is this stuff delicious!!! I will reorder this forever. It will exceed your expectations and I can honestly say that it’s the best preserves I’ve ever tasted.

  5. Jani

    Only 7 grams of sugar! How awesome is that! I think I am in love!! Ingredients: CHERRIES!!! PURE CANE SUGAR!!! These are the first 2 ingredients! All that’s necessary in my opinion! These cherries from the orchards in Utah are mouth watering! Perfect jam recipe. A little dab will do.

    First thing, I just dipped in and got a spoonful to taste it. It was absolutely delicious! Then I knew I had to try and hold onto it for special occasions like breakfast in bed. Well, I can see that’s it’s becoming an everyday favorite, so I am gonna stock up for the winter. Not everyday you can get great tasting homemade jam with this outstanding quality!

    It’s fabulous as a topping for my homemade pancakes! The family loves it. Everyday they ask-are we gonna have pancakes?? LOL

    The package arrived earlier than expected. Was super wrapped with a lot of TLC so there were no damages or tampering of any kind. I highly recommend this to other online shoppers and my friends and family. This is our favorite flavor of all! Enjoy and have a great day! 🙂

  6. Heather B.

    Mmmmm. . . . this jam was so good! We love cherry season around our home and miss it every year when it is past. This is an amazing cherry jam that brings the delicious taste of fresh cherries, even when the season is long past. It is a little on the pricey side, but knowing where the cherries are grown and that it is made with the utmost attention to quality makes it well worth it. Well that, and the taste! Seriously, it is SOOOO good.

    If you love the taste of fresh cherries I would highly recommend that you try this jam out. You wont be disappointed!

  7. TJ

    This is the best cherry jam I’ve ever had! It’s sweet with just enough tart to balance it, and has great texture. I love that it has just a few ingredients and not a bunch of junk in it. It was worth every penny.

  8. Felix

    This tasted great and it wasn’t overly processed. The first ingredient is cherries which is very important to me. If I’m going to eat something that specifies a specific flavor as the base of it’s ingredients and it’s not the first item on an ingredient list, then I won’t buy it. I don’t want artificial flavors. I like to know what is going in my body and will not put anything with a long list of ingredients in my body. This has just the ingredients you need to make a good quality jam and it comes through in the flavor. It spreads easy over my bread. I’m going to use the rest to make a jelly(jam) roll, because this is good quality jam.

  9. Gregville

    This is a VERY Cherry Jam! Cherries, sugar, and fruit pectin. I’d love to know how many cherries are in this jar, because it’s just absolute sweet cherry flavor. It’s chunky, but not really whole chunks of cherries — more like they were crushed to a pulp, so it spreads pretty evenly or can be dropped by the spoonfull.
    I’ve tried it on english muffins, peanut butter and cherry jam, and vanilla ice cream. Fantastic in all three cases The sweetness balances the tartness of the cherries just right. I could see using this with brownies or chocolate cake as well to add a kick of cherry flavor.
    This is a quality product that I’d expect to find at a local farmer’s market — it tastes homemade and natural.
    I was given a discount on the purchase of this product in exchange for my honest review, but my review is based on the standard price that you would pay. I can honestly say that if you even like cherries a little bit, you’ll probably love this cherry jam.

  10. P&K Mom

    This is the only cherry jam we buy. Unlike jams from the grocery store that are pumped full of artificial colors, flavors, and high fructose corn syrup, Country Spoon Jam as ingredients you can see and taste – cherries, cane sugar, and pectin. The deliciousness will have you finding reasons to use jam in your life!

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