As Earth Day approaches, I wanted to share with you some things that The Red Barn does to stay environmentally friendly, and share with you a few simple ideas of how you can “go green” in your own life. As farmers, we work close with the land. It’s our most valuable resource, and we try to protect it as such. Each year we plant hundreds of trees. When it is time for old trees to be taken out, new trees are then planted in return. We also irrigate with natural run off water from melted mountain snow instead of water that has been treated by a facility, which helps reduce our carbon footprint. We sell all of our pantry products in reusable glass jars, and pack our fruit in recycled cardboard and paper sacs instead of plastic. Our newest environmental project is using the left over apple mash from our cider mill and turning it into compost to enrich the soil in which we plant.

As a Red Barn customer, you can make small changes, that over time, can have a lasting impact on the environment. You can continue to shop for your produce locally, use reusable bags, and reporpose/upcyle your glass and cardboard containers. One of our family’s favorite ways to repurpose cardboard is by making costumes. Check out some of these great ideas on ways to use your old cardboard apple box!

Need more ideas for using cardboard? Check out this blog here. This lady knows her stuff! Happy Earth Day. Visit us on facebook and let us know what you are doing to be more environmentally aware! Thanks for stopping by!