Red Barn Apples

The Red Barn grows many delicious apples in hundreds of acres of orchards. Learn about the varieties of apples we love best, and what each type of apple is best used for.

Apples Types


Red Barn Cherries

Rowley’s Red Barn grows several different types of both tart and sweet cherries. Learn about the origins and best uses for your favorite varieties of cherry!

Cherry Types


Red Barn Peaches

Which peach is best for baking? Which is best for fresh eating? Learn fun facts about and best uses for the delicious peaches we grow at Rowley’s Red Barn!

Peach Types


Fruit Season Calendar

Fruit tastes best when it’s fresh picked in season. See when our harvest seasons are for certain fruits and fresh produce at Rowley’s Red Barn, so you don’t miss their availability window!

When’s it Ripe?


Cider & Juice

All of The Red Barn’s delicious cider and juice is processed in our Cider Mill! Read about the process to get those apples from a tree into a bottle.

Cherry Health Benefits

Tart cherries and tart cherry juice offer awesome health benefits. They may help you get a better night’s sleep, get some relief from gout, and help your sore muscles recover after a vigorous workout.

How it Works


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Our Fresh Fruit Cooler

Produce stays fresh much better when kept in a cold environment. Rowley’s Red Barn has a Fresh Fruit Cooler to keep your favorite fruits and vegetables in, ready for you to pick them up. Read more about Our Fresh Fruit Cooler!

Keepin’ Cool