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At Rowley's Red Barn, we strive to provide the very best in produce from our farm and partners for you and your family.

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The secret to fresh fruit is keeping it cold. At Rowley’s Red Barn, we are serious about the quality of our fruit. We package our homegrown cherries, apples, and peaches right here on the farm. We can’t stand the idea of our beautiful, flavorful fruit sitting on a room temperature shelf, becoming soft and mealy before it can be enjoyed. We want to ensure that our customers receive the most tasty, homegrown fruit that our farm has to offer. Plain and simple: fruit tastes best fresh!
To accommodate this, at the Red Barn, we keep our fresh fruit in a huge, refrigerated room where the temperature stays at a constant 34 degrees Fahrenheit. While these conditions may be surprising to the unsuspecting customer, they greatly enhance the quality of our fruit, allowing our delicious cherries, peaches, and apples to keep their texture and flavor while waiting to be consumed by you! This way, farm fresh fruits can be enjoyed well beyond their season, with the same great taste.

Just think of it: in between your grocery runs, while you’re out and about carrying on with your busy life, The Red Barn is watching over your fruit, making sure that when you’re ready to pick it up, it is in great shape, and has the memorable, farm-fresh taste that continues to bring you back.

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We invite you to come cool off and taste the Red Barn Cooler difference. Enjoy fresh fruit, nice and cold—The Red Barn way!

Can’t make it to the farm? We’ll ship the farm to you! Browse the tasty products featured in our online store.

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