It’s been a while since we checked in with our Gardening Girls crew, so we wanted to show you an update on their progress.

Paige was disappointed in how her container garden growth has been coming along. It seems like nothing really took off and thrived. Here are what her herbs are looking like:Her peppers, tomoates, and flowers didn’t survive the late cold we had this year.

AnaLee was able to grow many strawberries and herbs, along with lettuce and pole beans in her planter boxes. She has now cleared several of them out and is focusing on her corn and squash in her regular garden.

Janae’s garden did amazingly well. Just take a look for yourself! I don’t know how she does it considering she was pregnant/ taking care of a newborn the whole time!It seems like the trellises have been working out nicely, and makes the garden look more tidy, and easier to weed then a traditional garden.

Chelsea’s garden is doing well, but planted everything too close togehter. It’s a jungle out there! When she battles through all the plant leaves and vines she’s happy to find many tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchinis. Everything is growing pretty well.