Now that The Red Barn has held a majority of their free gardening classes, those in attendance have learned several methods of gardening. Since we couldn’t decide if one method was more successful than another, we decided this year we would put it to the test! We selected four Red Barn fans to follow throughout the summer, each experimenting with a different gardening technique – trellises, traditional dirt, containers, and planter boxes. Although our tracking may not be entirely scientific, we hope we will be able to highlight the pros and cons of each type of gardening so that in the future you will be able to choose which method you think will work best for you. So without further adieu, I bring you our gardening crew!

Janae is an expert gardener, graduating with a B.S. in Horticulture studies from Utah State University. She uses trellises where possible to maximize space and minimize plant disease that is associated with growing on the ground.Chelsea is a rookie gardener and will be doing the traditional dirt digging in the ground garden. She’s from Virginia, where trees are a plenty and no one has to water their grass. Last year when she came back from vacation (ok, labor isn’t a vacation) her garden was shriveled up and dead. She just didn’t understand why. “You mean you have to water it too?” Thankfully she’s a much better mother than gardener! She’s hoping to grow a successful garden this year now that she’s been empowered with so much useful information from the FREE Red Barn classes.Paige is a busy junior high teacher with limited space to plant and will be demonstrating how to do container gardening. Obviously she won’t be planting corn, but has decided on a lovely indoor herb garden as well as a few smaller vegetables in outside containers.AnaLee uses her garden to supplement her grocery shopping and to teach her children the responsibilities of gardening. She will be using raised planters or “grow boxes” for her herbs and vegetables.Now that you have met our crew, stay tuned for pictures, updates, and handy gardening tips throughout the summer! I can’t wait to see what happens!