The Red Barn’s farm tours for elementary school and preschool groups make an educational, fun trip for all! The Red Barn offers school tours at our Santaquin location to spark school kid’s interest in farm lifestyles and processes. On their field trip, school groups enjoy learning about where their food comes from.

Helping Kids Learn About Agriculture

The younger generations today hardly ever get to learn about agriculture firsthand. While their grandparents and great-grandparents used to grow their own food, or go pick it up from the farm, kids in the current era are used to seeing food just magically appear in their cupboards. This makes it difficult for them to understand the origins of the food we eat.

The Red Barn thinks it’s time to change that mentality! When school groups visit The Red Barn, they not only have a memorable time playing on the farm, but they leave with a greater understanding of and appreciation for agriculture.

Preschool Trips and Play Dates

Elementary School Groups

We look forward to meeting your class, and having them over to share in the fun of a real, working farm!