This isn’t your grandparents’ farming scene. As the previous generation prepares to retire, younger ones are stepping up to grow food in contexts and settings that are diversifying the food system. Among those ways are agritourism operations like ours, especially in uncertain times like these. Here are a few ways to help support the next generation of farmers:

Buy local

Nothing tastes better than fresh, locally sourced food. And the best part? Venues like CSAs and farmers markets streamline the distribution process and directly help producers. A CSA is a program in which members purchase a “share” of produce from a local farmer in regular installments over the course of the season. You can also find a good amount of fruits and veggies (and more) at most farmers markets. Don’t forget you can find a selection of fruits and related products at our online store.


Do you know where your food comes from and why should you care? Read about the sustainable farming movement in books and online. There are a variety of documentaries on the subject, too. Speak up and let government officials know that young farmers are key to the future. Encourage them to support local food by backing policies that make farming a viable option for those just starting out or considering the pursuit.


Volunteering time and skills can be invaluable to farmers who are pressed for time and resources. Reach out to a local farmer’s market or your county extension office to inquire about needs and opportunities. The requests for help might look differently in light of COVID-19, but there are no doubt ways to make a meaningful difference.

Spread the word

Social media is a powerful tool to bring awareness and understanding of this issue to an even wider audience. Like and share content from producers like ours to amplify the reach.

Farmers have been the backbone of our country for years. With your help, we can ensure they remain part of the fabric for years to come in our state and beyond.