Red Barn Exterior


Established in 1984, Rowley’s South Ridge Farms is a family owned and operated fruit farm that takes great pride in growing excellent fruit and in making delicious fruit products. Over the years, as demand for their products grew, the farm has expanded in acreage and into new endeavors. In the late 1990s, South Ridge Farms built a Rowley’s Red Barn, a retail store that gives customers a direct way to access the farm’s fresh fruit and products

A few years after the Barn was built, the Rowley’s organized construction of a cider mill to make fresh-pressed apple juice, and a chocolate panning facility to cover our dried fruits and nuts with chocolate. Rowley’s South Ridge Farms continues to look for new, innovative ways to give our customers a delicious, local outlet to get fresh fruit and fruit products.

Through years of changes and upgrades, the commitment of Rowley’s South Ridge Farms to excellence in quality and customer service remains unchanged.


Our Family

The Rowley family has been steeped in a fruit growing tradition since 1913. Following in this tradition, Phil & Shirley Rowley started their own farm, Rowley’s South Ridge Farms, in 1984 with their 8 sons. Phil, as president of the company, has led the farm through many innovative changes and successes over the years. Read about his involvement in the development of the Western dried cherry here. Shirley has been by his side providing council, ideas, and lots of hard work every step of the way. Though primary day-to-day operations are now run by their sons, Phil continues as president of the company and, together with Shirley, continue in their role as consultants and advisors.

Business responsibilities are split amongst the 5 sons that continue to work at Rowley’s South Ridge Farms.


Rowley’s Red Barn

Since September 1999, the Red Barn in Santaquin has been the home of fresh fruit, Country Spoon products, and an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. The mission of the Red Barn is to provide customers with an on-the-farm experience through pick-your-own experiences and tours of the farm, by providing fresh, local fruit, quality fruit products, and homemade ice cream.

In 2013, Rowley’s Red Barn opened their second outlet in Southern Utah called the Dixie outlet. All of the same great products, fresh fruit, Red Barn made ice cream and friendly staff can be found there.



Country Spoon

The very name Country Spoon embodies many of the values of the Rowley family. The word “Country” invites a return to the country roots that have strengthened our family for many generations. “Spoon” is a reminder of the tasty foods we enjoy that come from the land that we live on and love.

Home, to us, centers around a kitchen table, surrounded by family and friends, laughter, and love, as we share the bounties of living close to the land. “Country Spoon” is the flagship name for the Rowley family’s internet presence and for many of the products crafted and sold at The Red Barn. We hope to make Country Spoon products a part of your family kitchens by making high quality, fresh products.

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