Plenty of folks driving down I-15 notice the distinctive, quaint Red Barn on the side of the freeway as they zoom past. While driving by, you might think to yourself, “I’ve seen that place a few times, but I’ve never actually stopped in. Maybe it’s time to change that!” If you were to stop in at the Red Barn, here’s exactly what you can expect to see.


The Orchards

As you’re driving up to The Red Barn, you’ll notice lots of trees: apple trees, cherry trees, and peach trees especially. Not much tastes better than fresh produce grown locally, and our apples, cherries, and peaches are grown right here on The Red Barn’s 900 acres of orchards. It’s like a forest of deliciousness! At certain times of the year, The Red Barn offers a “pick your own” produce option—and you can enjoy picking your apples and peaches straight off the tree


The Red Barn

Red Barn Exterior

The most iconic location on the farm is The Red Barn itself. As soon as you come through the door into our cozy, high-ceiled entryway, you’ll notice many different areas: an ice cream counter, a fudge and pastry display, and our specialty packaged foods: covered fruits, dried fruits, popcorns, jams and fruit butters, and more! When you wander to the south of the building, you’ll enter our walk-in fruit cooler (the trick to keeping fruit fresh is to keep it cold!). This is where you’ll find our fresh fruits and vegetables, not to mention our famous apple juice and tart cherry juice


The Cider Mill

All of The Red Barn’s cider and apple juice is pressed and processed in-house at our Cider Mill. The Cider Mill holds a lot of specialized equipment for the making of cider: a press, a hammer mill, a pasteurizer, storage tanks, a bottler, a bottle labeler, and more! You can read all about the cider making process from start to finish by visiting our Cider & Juice page.

Apples preparing to be juiced


Endless Pumpkins

The Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

In the autumn months, The Red Barn offers hay rides through our orchard to our 10 acre corn maze and 6 acre pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch, of course, are hundreds of pumpkins. Pick your favorite one to take home with you, and enjoy all of the fall activities on the pumpkin patch site: giant slides, apple cannons, zip lines, pedal car races, apple crate mazes, fall photo opps, and more!


Come Visit Us

Your stop can be as long or short as you need—a quick ice cream run or grocery trip, or a lengthy hayride or holiday gift shopping spree! Make your day a good day; swing on by the Red Barn for some food and fun.

Get Directions

Can’t make it to the farm? We can ship the farm’s goodies to you!

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