Why the Red Barn

Why Red Barn Fresh Fruit?

Bringing the best fresh fruit to your table begins long before harvest time…

It starts when the trees are planted in our high Utah mountain valleys. This area provides rich soil, crisp mountain water, and close proximity to sunlight, all of which help to maintain healthy, vigorous trees.

The winter months are used to prune the trees to make sure that the maximum amount of fruit will have access to sunlight in subsequent months. Giving fruit sufficient sunlight light gives the fruit good color and lots of flavor.

Springtime is blossom time. This is the season when bees roam the orchards and pollinate the flowers. Spring also brings fluctuating temperatures and weather that but the tender fruit buds at risk of freezing. There are many sleepless nights spent lighting heaters and turning on wind machines trying to ensure that the fruit buds don’t freeze.

Summer is the season when temperatures rise and our mountain deserts begin to need water. Because water is such a scarce resource we do everything we can by way of monitoring and adjusting water flows to conserve and use every drop to the benefit of the trees. Cherry harvest begins in the middle of summer and kicks off a long harvest season as the various crops begin to ripen.

Fall is our favorite time of year because our coolers are full of freshly harvested fruit. This harvest season begins with peach picking. The various varieties of peaches begin to ripen toward the end of August and continue through September. Our apples begin to ripen in September with the Gala variety being the first picked. Subsequent varieties picked through the following months ending with the Fuji variety in late October.

We love the countless hours of dedicated hard work that enable us to bring excellent, fresh fruit directly from our orchards to your table. Come in and enjoy the fruits of our harvest.

Why The Red Barn Cooler?

The cooler is a large room located inside of our Red Barn locations that is used to keep the fruit sales area cool. We have found that the ideal temperature to store fruit is between 34-38 degrees F. If fruit storage is warmer than that, fruit begins to break down, lose flavor, and become mealy. If fruit is stored too closely to, or below freezing, then fruit freezes and also loses it original texture and flavor.

The cooler has become one of the absolutely most important areas of Rowley’s Red Barn, because it allows us to provide our fruit to you as nature intended – full off flavor and fresh! Come visit the cooler and see for yourself the difference it makes in fruit freshness and flavor.

Why Red Barn Ice Cream?

Red Barn Ice Cream is created in small batches with the finest ingredients. It is made with 14% butter fat, giving it an exceptionally smooth texture and rich flavor. The fruit swirls are made right here at the barn from our fresh fruit. All of the other flavors and add-ins come from trusted suppliers that have proved to provide fresh ingredients for our use in ice cream production for many years. Each flavor is expertly blended by one of our ice cream experts. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!