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The Blossom Festival

For a few weeks each year, our farm is arrayed in beautiful fruit blossoms. Come enjoy the sights and smells of Spring!

Blossom Festival Schedule

Blossom Festival Opening

The timing of our blossoms changes from year to year based on the weather. Stay tuned for updates!

Hours of Operation

Visitors are welcome to come enjoy the blossoms, take photos, and walk through the orchard in designated areas anytime the barn is open!

Price and Admission

All are welcome to enjoy the blossoms free of charge--before you enter the orchard, please check in with employees at the barn to know where to go.

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Consider this

What to bring as you prepare to come

Spring weather changes quickly! Be prepared for varying degrees of temperature, potential storms, or wind! Don't forget to bring your camera!

Where to go when you arrive

Check in at the barn to know where to go to see the blossoms and find our classic tractors!

You made it!

Enjoy the blossoms! We are happy to share our Spring vistas with you! We ask that you respect the orchard, and remain in designated areas. Please keep in the mind the following:

  • Don't climb trees
  • Don't harm irrigation fixtures or sprinklers
  • Don't use the bathroom in the orchard
  • Have a wonderful time!