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The Harvest Festival and Pick Your Own

Come explore our orchards to pick your own delicious apples. You will find sweet, crisp, tart, and, of course, fresh varieties as you harvest them with friends and family!

Harvest Festival Schedule

Harvest Festival Opening: August 30th

Fruit will be ready for you to pick starting August 30th and running through October 26th

Pick Your Own Hours

Each Friday beginning at 3:30 p.m. and Saturday at 9:30 a.m., The Harvest Festival will be open. Check in across the road from the barn and an employee will assist you.

Price and Admission

There is no cost of admission to the orchard. The fruit you pick is priced at $1.79 / pound for Honeycrisp Apples and $1.49 / pound for all other varieties

How to pick an apple

Follow the link below to learn how to pick an apple. Learning how will help you not harm our trees, prevent other apples from falling off, and ensure that you keep the stem and don't bruise your apples!

Harvest Timing

Each apple variety ripens at a unique time. Follow the link below to see when to expect your favorite variety to be ready for harvest! And remember, if you miss an apple you like, you will find it inside the Barn!

Orchard Map

Our interactive map will show you where to find specific varieties. Stop by our tents to learn new facts about apples and taste some of our unique apple products.

Consider this

What to bring as you prepare to come

As you prepare to join us for the Harvest Festival, you may want to bring a jacket if it's cold and a water bottle--and don't forget your camera!

Where to go when you arrive

After parking at the barn, you are welcome to cross the road and enter the orchard. Stop at the first tent for direction, bags or boxes, and to review how to keep our trees healthy during your harvest. If you come on a weekday, check in at the barn first for direction and help.

You made it!

Inhale the fresh air of the orchard and find the most delicious apples to take home! Please remember the following rules:

  • Do not climb trees
  • Do not use the restroom in the orchard
  • Do not leave garbage in the orchard
  • Be aware of traffic on dirt roads or equipment in the orchard and yield to farm equipment
  • Have a wonderful visit!