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The Sunflower Festival

Come explore our acres of sunflowers! The golden yellow and reddish hues makes for a picturesque summer studio. And, all are welcome to cut blooms to take home!

Sunflower Festival Schedule

Sunflower Festival Opening: August 16th

The blooms usually remain vibrant for three to four weeks!

Sunflower hours

The Sunflower patch is open Monday - Saturday and accessible from 3:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Check in at the barn for directions or to ride a wagon to our field!

Price and Admission

Admission to the Sunflower patch is $10 / person for everyone three years of age and older. Blooms are $2 / each, $10 / half-dozen, or $20 / dozen.

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Consider this

What to bring as you prepare to come

As you prepare to join us for the Sunflower Festival, you may want to bring a waterbottle--and don't forget your camera!

Where to go when you arrive

Check in at the barn to either ride the wagon the the Sunflower patch or receive directions to drive yourself. If you need to cool off, pick up some ice cream at the Barn!

You made it!

Enjoy the Sunflowers. If you have questions, or need help, you will find an employee available to answer your questions and guide you back to the Barn.